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[Masquerade 2p!Italy x Reader x Italy]

       I fixed my (f/c) mask,so It fit perfectly on my face,as I took in my surrondings. I looked down,seeing all the people go in circle after circle. I sighed looking down and grabbing onto my (f/c) dress,It's not like I had anyone to dance with for myself,and my friend is now no where to be seen. I sighed again,heading down the steps back to the main party. Everyone was laughing,chatting,getting drunk, or dancing in a elegant manor. I barley knew anyone,actucall I knew no one,so I just stayed in the backround.

        I sighed,yet again,and found a seat away from everyone,my type of style."Ciao! Woud you like to dance?"I looked up to meet a set of amber eyes,and a sweet inviting smile.He was bowing in a polite manor,and a extended a hand,for me to take it. I smiled,"Of course". He wore a red and gold mask,a slik rednsuit,and his hair was a beautiful rust brown,with a little curl on the side.

        I took his hand as he lead me onto the dance floor,where everyone was still elegantly dancing with their parthners. "Ve~ So what brings you to this masquerade?" He asked putting his hands on my waist as I put mine on his shoulders. I shurgged,"My friend invited me but she met somone and I have no clue where she is now..." He looked sadden at first then smiled,Whell I'll stay with you,bella!"

        I smiled back,"Whell whats your name?" I asked as we started to dance. "Feliciano,Feliciano vargas. And for you bella?" I smiled at the fact he kept calling me beautiful in italian. "[Name],[First Name] [Last Name]. What brings you too the party?" I asked as he spinned me in a circle. "Whell I'm The Host Of Course~!" He grinned in a happy manor.

        Feliciano then kissed my hand,"I'll be right back,bella" He grinned again before disapearing into the crowd. I smiled and held my other hand close to my chest,"Thank you for the dance.." I whisphered with a sigh before going over to the drinks. "What would you like 'mam" The bartender asked,who was even wearing a mask. "Red wine please" I asked with another sigh.

        He nodded and brought me a glass filled to the brim,"Thanks" I said with a nod and picked up the glass with a hand and walked towards the stairs I had come down. Going back up the stairs and going to my fimilar spot to observe the party."it's my turn,my silly little innocent side~" I blinked as I heard Feliciano's voice was slightly darker and slightly differnt.

        Before I could turn around I met the same pair of eyes from before but this time,crimson eyes,met by crimson hair and that same fimilar curl. "Ciao" He smiled,in a sicked manor."O-Oh hey Feli..Umm where did you go?" He shurgged,"Just to go change real quick" He smiled and rose an eyebrow. He was now wearing a auburn hat with a small black feather,and a deep red and black mask.

        I shurgged it off and just smiled."It's a beautiful full moon out bella,would you like to go view it with me?" He smiled grabbing my hand. "S-Sure" I grinned,trying to make my expression confidencing. He dragged me by my hand out to a balcony.The moon was bright and elegant this evening. "May I have a taste,Bella?" Feliciano asked pointing to the wine.

        "Hmm? Oh sure" I said handing him the glass. He smiled,"Grazie" he said before taking a sip. He then shot a glance at me, I felt numb. I held my head,"Ughh". Feli then laughed,"Not feeling so whell,bella?" I shot a middle finger at him,"You bastard...he put somthing in my drink..." Feliciano laughed,"So worth the 50 dollars I payed him~"

        "Bella! [Name]!" I heard another voice say as I gribbed onto the railing of the balcony. "W-What did you do!" The voice yelled at Feliciano. I looked up and behind me weakly to see it was feliciano... My eyes widened as who I thought was Feliciano drinked the rest of the wine,not being effected by it at all. "I did what I wanted to do" he laughed,"now I all have left is to dance with her~" Feliciano gulped at the other man,in fear mostly.

        "What do you say,bella,care to dance?" He said looking down at me. I was coughing up a storm and slurred the words,"H-Hell noo..." "Aww C'mon bella~" He said picking me up and standing me on my feet. I tried to push him away but I was too weak and he wrapped his hands on my waist as my two hands just sat at my sides. He rolled his eyes and I felt a piecre in my back,one of a knife, making me stiffen up and but my arms around his neck."Thanks bella" He smiled,sicking me.

        I felt so sick to my stomach It was hard to stand,more or less dance. The real Feliciano just stood there watching in horror,but was trembling,too scared and problay weaker then this..fake or other Feliciano. After a couple minutes it looked like he was tired of dancing and spinned me one last time before giving me a kiss and letting go of my waist letting me fall to the hard ground

        "[Name]!" Feliciano yelled running over. I felt so dizzy, I just softly closed my eyes."Scusa bella..." He said in a pleading tone and picked me up,bridal style and walked down the hall. I opened my eyes,finally getting my mind back in order,"W-Who was that" I asked looking up at him."Oh Um..." Feliciano looked to side trying to think of a way to change the subject.

        "I-It's counterpart..and let's please leave it at that" I blinked at the remark and nodded and looked around and as he continued to carry me down the hallway. His eyes then came down to meet mine,"How you feeling,bella?" He asked in a sweet tone. I just nodded scanning around my surrondings. I looked down at the dancefloor looking for this..counterpart I danced with. I had to confess he scared the living crap outta me,and problay Feli too but,he was just a cute as Feliciano.

        I then locked eyes with the same rusty crimson eyes from before, He smiled and sipped the glass of wine. He seemed to be away from the rest of the party,"Ve~ Watcha looking at bella?" Feliciano asked nocticing I was staring at somthing. I shook my head,"Oh nothing.." I smiled. He just shurgged it off as we entered a room."You can spend the night here~" He said placing me down on the nice silkly bed."Thank you..for everything" I said climbing into the covers.

        Feliciano smiled and kissed my forhead,"Notte,Bella" He smiled. I sighed and gave him a brief hug,not really wanting this moment to end. "Good night Feli.." I said in a sleepy tone before shuting my eyes as he walked out closing the door. Onley a few moments later the door reopened,making me wince a bit as the light filled into the room.

        "Feli?" I asked wiping my tired eyes."Close Guess~" I winced at the voice,it was his counterpart."W-" "Shh" Before I knew it his fingertip was on my lips. I blinked confused,"Care for some wine" He purred. I sighed and nodded,the onley way I was going to get threw this night,was with some alcohol. He smiled and handed me his glass,"I promise I did'nt do anything to it,Bella~" He laughed,or more like chuckled.

        I sipped the wine,it was quite good. "A fine wine ins't it?" he asked raising an eyebrow. I nodded,drinking more. Feliciano smiled and sat down on the bed next to me,"You don't dance too badly bella,it would be wonderful to dance with you again~" He said in a oddly cheerful tone,problay trying to act like HIS nicer counterpart.

        I smiled,"Thanks?" I yawned sipped the last part of the red liquid. "You should get some sleep" He yawned himself and pushed me own on the bed by my shoulders,"Get some rest bella~ I'll see you tomerrow" He laughed,and pulled the covers over my shoulders. I shurgged with a sigh and closed my eyes as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. "N-Night" I said in shakey tone."Notte Bella." He smiled and walked out closing the door behind him as I fell into a refreshing nap.
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © Me
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Sakura7773 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This NEEDS part 2
The plot is way to much awesome for only one part
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*looks at the wine glass*
Luci, who did you kill now?

Luci:*smirks* Someone......

No shit, sherlock. -_-
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I love it
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Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed the wine was blood!!!!
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I have the feeling the wine is blood :iconpokerfacememeplz:
Good job amigo~
Part 2
umm888 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
awesomeness... but what happens the next day?
ninjakitty34 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
The INSANITY! It draws me in. . . And I like it. *eyes flash crazily*
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finally these two in the same fic.
such wonderful feeling
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The one that didn't try to kill you Is probably the best choice I mean if you like living and all
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I know right
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I suggest 2p
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